Treating Customers Fairly

Statement of Intent COE Connections International are totally committed to providing our customers with the highest possible standards of service. As we are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, we fully support their initiative of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’. We and our Underwriters, who provide the travel insurance cover by Underwriting our schemes, will ensure that customers are treated fairly at all times whilst adding that further element of common sense and flexibility, to ensure customers have the exemplary service over and above.

  • We will at all times
  • encourage you to talk to us – it is often easier to get to the bottom of any complications in a very difficult market
  • provide you with clear and full details of all our travel insurance products via our website
  • ensure you are fully aware of your choices
  • upon contact, find out your personal circumstances and requirements prior to suggesting any products or services to you
  • refer you to the Underwriters Complaints procedures

You can help us by

  • providing full information including potential and possibly unforeseen problems so we can advise accordingly
  • ensuring you fully understand our individual products and the differences between each product
  • checking the validity of your documents after purchase through our fully automated system
  • ensuring you have read and fully understand the procedures set out by Underwriters in their Policy Wording

We are at your service.

Please refer to the Underwriters policy wording for the full list of insured Hazardous Pursuits