What you need to know

POLICY WORDING….please read carefully

It is important you understand your cover, what is covered, what is excluded and the limits of cover.

Endorsement for Study Abroad…injury claims are excluded whilst you are participating in sports events and training (excluding Golf and Tennis) organised through an institution of further education where you are enrolled as a student or taking place on campus facilities.

Schedule of Benefits shows the sections of cover available under our Orbit Excel (Comprehensive), Study Abroad and Orbit Basic schemes, the maximum sums insured and the relevant excesses.

Emergency and Medical Service….you must contact the 24 hour emergency medical service as shown on 01273 624661 in the event of an illness or accident which may lead to in-patient hospital treatment or before any arrangements are made for repatriation. In the case of immediate emergency treatment, you must contact the 24 hour emergency service as soon as possible. Emergency dental treatment only, for the immediate relief of pain, is covered up to the policy limit. The 24 hour emergency service has the medical expertise, contacts and facilities worldwide to help should you be injured in an accident or fall ill.

Non-emergency helplines…. always quote your Validation ID number and policy number and state you are insured through All Seasons Underwriting Agencies Limited under the Master Policy Number, noting COE Connections International.

(a) Claims – you must contact the Claims Service noted on 0208 667 1600 if you wish to make a claim using the contact information as shown. You can download a claim form from their website at www.rpclaims.com.

(b) Pre-existing medical conditions – you must contact the Medical Screening Helpline on 0203 327 0555 if you need to declare a health condition not normally covered by this insurance. Please see the important conditions relating to health in this Policy Wording and the NO SCREEN CONDITIONS for which you do not need to contact the Screening Company.

Change in your circumstances….if after taking out this insurance, you become aware of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim, such as changes to your health or that of such as a close relative, you must contact the Screening Company as soon as possible and prior to your departure. If your health changes after the start date of your cover, you must telephone the Screening Company to make sure your cover is not affected.

Policy Excess….under most sections of cover, claims will be subject to an excess. Please see the Schedule of Benefits.

Reasonable precautions….at all times you must take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury, illness, disease, loss, theft or damage and take all reasonable steps to safeguard your property from loss or damage and to recover property lost or stolen.

Cancellation – Statutory cancellation rights….you may cancel this policy within 14 days of purchase and receipt of the policy documents. Any premium paid will be refunded provided you have not travelled, no claim has been made and no incident likely to result in a claim has occurred.

Hospital Confinement Benefit… is covered up to the amount shown in the schedule of cover for every complete 24 hours you have to stay in hospital as an in-patient or are confined to your accommodation due to your compulsory quarantine or on the orders of a medical practitioner, as a result of bodily injury, illness or disease you sustain.

Missed Departure…reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses necessarily incurred in reaching your overseas destination or returning to the United Kingdom or EU country of residence, if you fail to arrive at the departure point in time to board the public transport on which you are booked. Exclusions include an aircraft or sea vessel withdrawn from service and claims arising from Volcanic Ash.

Baggage/Personal Possessions

(a) loss of, theft of or damage to baggage. Up to the limit of cover within the Schedule of Benefits, being the value of today’s prices less a deduction for wear and tear and depreciation or a possible reinstatement or repair.

(b) VALUABLES….as per limit within Schedule of Benefits, to include watches, jewellery, photographic, telecommunications equipment (laptops, ipads). Please see our link ‘LAPTOP INSURANCE’ for additional information.

(c) What is not covered…loss or damage to golf equipment, breakage of sports equipment or damage to sports clothing whilst in use.

Please note WHAT IS NOT COVERED within the Underwriter’s Policy Wording.

Please read the Policy Wording and Claims Procedure documents carefully and familiarise yourself with their contents.

Please view full details of products, cover, area and Things to Note on our website. Please remember we are LONG STAY travel insurance specialists only and therefore travellers who insure through us would create a higher risk for Underwriters.

GET A QUOTE and BUY ONLINE…we offer a fully automated online system and when you purchase, you will have the option of Excel (Comprehensive), Study Abroad or Basic cover. After you have completed the purchase, our system will send you a confirmation of payment via Pay360 and your Validation Certificate. This will also link to the Policy Wording, which you MUST also have with you and we strongly recommend printing off the Underwriter’s CLAIMS PROCEDURE document, which is a precis of the Policy Wording, providing information ‘What to do in the case of a claim or medical emergency’.

ALREADY LEFT THE UK? Please contact us at coeconnect@blueyonder.co.uk with your circumstances and we will evaluate, advise and send you the Underwriter’s DEPARTED document for completion and return if we are able to offer cover. You must then answer NO to ‘Have you already left your UK/EU country of residence’ as the Departed document will negate this.

EXTENDING,as above and we will send you the Underwriter’s EXTENSION document for completion and return if we are able to offer cover.

We offer a choice of THREE schemes….

(a) Orbit Excel (Comprehensive)

(b) Orbit Basic – just THREE sections of cover

(c) Study Abroad – for official study, exchanges or work experience abroad

Official maximum ages at the date of purchase are

(a) Orbit Excel – 55 years

(b) Orbit Basic – 45 years

(c) Study Abroad – 24 years

Sports/Pastimes/Activities covered as standard are listed within the Underwriter’s Policy Wording.