Health Insurance

As we increasingly become involved in the headache of Health Insurance in the States, we have endeavoured to source a positive option for students in full-time education, through specialist broker, Status Insurance Management Limited.

Under advice we have narrowed the products down to the IMG Student Health Advantage Standard scheme.

The salient points……………

  1. Tailored to the US hospital system. Standard cover includes
    (a) Medical Benefits    Lifetime Maximum US$500,000
    Per Illness, Injury Maximum  US$300,000
    (b) Emergency Dental up to US$500
    (c) Intercollegiate Sports per injury, illness up to US$5,000.00
    (d) Exclusion: A Pre-Existing Condition existing at any time within 12 Months of the effective date.
  2. US Dollar policy with an excess of US$100.00 per illness, injury
  3. EXAMPLE CURRENT PREMIUMS (for non-USA Citizens)
    SHA standard Age: up to 18 Years
    10 Months US$675.56
    11 Months US$736.75
    12 Months US$807.02
    Age: 19 to 23 years
    10 Months US$884.16
    11 Months US$979.10
    12 Months US$1,056.22
  4. Monthly payment option and cover can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years.

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For USA non-study or non-USA Worldwide travel Health Insurance, please visit, click on OUR PRODUCTS then International Medical Insurance.